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Cocoon and Evolved Metallic Mechanitis Butterfly Chrysalis from Costa Rica

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When I grow up I want to be Ming-Na Wen.

She’s the voice of Mulan, as if she wasn’t amazing enough.

She broke it with her fingers. Not a fist, her fingers.

Girl is 50 years old.


fun fact: When you break things with your hands like that you have t break your fingers on purpose before so that they heal stronger. So basically this woman is so badass she broke her hands just to do this. 

You asshat, you’re making it sound like she snaps her fingers in half. 

Martial artists like Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee (and yes, fucking Ming-Na Wen, that beautiful badass) will build up their bone strength by repeatedly (and fairly gently) striking sand, gravel, wood and steel - this creates tons of microfractures in their bones (smaller than even a hairline fracture) so the bones will heal over again and make the bones stronger and denser with increased deposits of calcium. 

This has to be done over long-ass periods of time, so the bones have time to heal, and none of the fractures expand into actual breaks. 

Oh, and she’s doing precise-ass kicks in HIGH HEELS. 

she kicks ass like a coursing river

with all the force of a great typhoon

With all the strength of a raging fire

As adorable as the dark side of the moooooooon

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“Don’t settle for someone who doesn’t give you things to say. Forever is a long time to make small talk.”

— I Wrote This For You: The Silence Goes For Miles (via perfect)

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The Matthews Family <3


The Matthews Family <3

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hands down, still the best pick-up line i’eve heard in my life.

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"I always loved the scenes where it was Cory and Mr.Feeny. And there was a lot of them. Whenever I was in a scene with Bill, I always felt like whatever he was saying to Cory he was also saying to Ben. They always were instructive and meaningful." - x

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